Superland Theme Park

The Superland Theme Park is located in Rishon LeZion. It is Israel’s second largest theme park. Operating since 1991, the Superland has become a famous and reputable source of fun and excitement.

Rides in Superland are very breathtaking and exciting. Rides also range according to age level and complexity. Children are advised to ride the bump cars, water boats, unique carousels and play in the playground. While the young at heart are most likely challenged to try the more adrenalin boosting rides like the bungee, the roller coasters, the pirate ship and the Kumba.

Lottery cabins, shooting stalls, and teddy bears await visitors and provide fun in the games provided. Families and groups can also enjoy their meal in the locations provided inside the park.

At night, different concerts and shows are showcased to provide more fun and happiness to visitors along with the marvelous lights that glow in the park every night.

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