The Luna Park – Tel Aviv

The Luna Park is located in the Ganai HaTaarucha in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the most famous amusement theme park in all of Israel. It has a wide 12 acres of green soil, palm and eucalyptus trees.

The park has a lot of rides in store for all ages and all the members of  a family. People usually come here in groups to experience the fun and excitement the park has to offer. It is packed with young teenagers every summer.

Rides like the Anaconda and The Black Mamba are the all-time favorites but the park’s new roller coaster is the best bet. Rides for children include the water slides, different  carrousels, the driving school and etc. So, everybody could really enjoy and have fun in this place.

Others attractions in the area are the souvenir shops, the photo booths, lottery pavilions and the dining stores which offer a variety for everyone.

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