Ice Skating in Jerusalem

The new Jerusalem ice Skating Rink that was opened last March 10-April 14, 2011 in Safra Square proved to be a real success. The space featured 500 square meters of ice for skating plus a 200 square meters of area for hanging out, all covered by a vast 1000 square meter tent. Included in the non-ice area are coffee shops, booths and a small shopping area.

With a winter wonderland effect, the whole scenery mesmerized the people. Enthusiastic people from Jerusalem and the tourists excitedly tied on their skates and headed out on to the ice.  It was such an impressive sight, watching the skaters moved on the ice.

Music was played all throughout the day, making the place livelier. Throughout the month, variety of attractions and events took place at the rink. The opening night featured a creative figure skating show with the finest of Israeli skaters, which apparently “wowed” the crowd, followed by that was an ice hockey game, making the people get on their feet and cheer.  Special guest celebrity visits and other hockey competitions proved to be a great entertainment as well.

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