The Mabat in Lezion

The Mabat (MBT) is located in  Rishon LeZion. It is a abbreviated term for  Miskhar, Bilui VeTa’asiya or Commerce, Pastime and Industry.Located in the northern part of Rishon which is near the HaMaccabim. It is a known place in all of Israel that provides a very enticing and active nightlife.

Many clubs and bars are found in the area where clubbers hop into and grab drinks, dance and totally have fun. The clubs here also have there own ways and gimmicks to give excitement to night clubbers. The nightlife in Rishon has become a good reason for tourists to come in Rishon as well. Different groups of people also love to spend time and enjoy in Mabat.During the sun  comes up in Rishon, it is somehow different in the Mabat. Stalls in variety like food stores,motor garages and  restaurants are present in the area.

Mabat is indeed a very nice place to visit and shop around. Visitors would always have the choice on choosing the stores or restaurant bars  they wanna visit. It doesn’t actually matter at all,the most important thing is that visitors will always have a great and worthy experience every time they come to Mabat.

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