Moshava Park

The Moshava Park can be found in Rishon LeZion, Israel. It was established to be a citrus grove by the first groups of people who founded the city of Rishon. It is a beautiful place that has an agricultural farm and resort-like ambiance.

The park was recently renovated and had more trees and unique landscape. The botanical garden has different plants that are taken-cared of and maintained. The park’s  mini-golf course also creates excitement and fun to its visitors. The streams and the swan pond bring a calm and relaxing experience to everyone.

Musicians also get to play their instrument on-stage through the Moshava park’s own covered amphitheater and covered stage. Yearly, different shows and programs are organized in the park to allow visitors to enjoy and appreciate different approaches to performing arts. Outdoor dancing is also an activity that is usually seen in the Moshava Park. Different groups from all ages dance their hearts out and have fun.

The Moshava Park is indeed a great place to visit, not just to explore nature but to have fun under the sun.

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