Safari Park

Safari park in Ramat Gan, Israel or formally known as the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan, is a stimulating and uplifting way to experience and see some of the animals of our world. The animal park opened it’s doors to the general public in 1974 as an African animal park. Seven years after, in 1981, a zoo was organized and established in the middle of the park to take the place of the former Tel Aviv Zoo, which had closed down. Offering 1600 species of different animals ranging from birds, reptiles and mammals in a 100 hectares of animal life enclosure.

Feel and come across the uniqueness of the Safari as you experience and see many animals roam freely in their natural habitat. Ramat Gan Safari’s large collection of animal species that consists of African and Asian elephants, hippos, gorillas & orangutan, lions, zebras and many more.The Safari Park takes part in several breeding programs and study research projects and also keeps a hospital for injured wild animals.

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