Hilton Beach

The Hilton Beach is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was named after the nearby famous Hilton Hotel in the area. Dogs, which are usually not allowed in beaches, are allowed to enjoy the Hilton Beach on the northern part. Many pet lovers prefer bringing their pets to the beach instead of people to enjoy their pet’s company.

Most tourists, beach fanatics and surfers admire the beautiful waves on this part of the Israeli coastline. The waves, which are perfect to surf on, are formed due to the reef just off the shore. Surfers would always give a good testimony with their experience surfing in Hilton Beach.

The beach is regularly visited, not only to enjoy the waters but it is also one of the “open” or liberated beaches in Israel. People from various groups go to the Hilton Beach not only to have fun but also to have friends that they really get along with. The beach is known as a favorite beach hang-out of the so-called “third sex”.

Everybody, of all walks of life, are seen around enjoying the marvelous beach. It is indeed a lovely place that one should visit in Tel Aviv.

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