Palmachim Beach

The Palmachim Beach is located in Rishon LeZion in Israel. It has a great coastline with fine sand and cool blue waters.

Many tourists and locals love to visit the place and have fun, not only in getting a good tan from the hot and bright sunlight, but also in different activities available in the beach. Mostly, teenagers come to visit and hang-out in the place which is also good for surfing. Some go and organize parties along the beach. It is actually a very good place to relax, enjoy and get acquainted with people.

In years, industrialization has somehow affected the beauty of the beach but the locals and environmental groups have continuously organized clean-ups to maintain and preserve the beautiful place. Advocates have also participated in different ways to push through saving Palmachim beach.

Though having those circumstances, people and sea lovers still love to swim and have fun in Palmachim beach, not only helping to preserve it but appreciate the beauty that lies within it.

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