Great Synagouge

The great synagogue was built on 1982, dedicated in the memory of the millions of Jewish people who died and perish in the carnage brought about by the holocaust, and for those who stand firm and shed tears and their own blood in the defense of Israel and it’s people. The great temple serves as an enduring reminder of the devastation and hopes of the Jewish People that symbolizes their strength in the face of great distress and adversities.

Inspired in the image of the first and second temple in Jerusalem, plus some added architectural wonders like it’s grand prayer hall with lavish seats of 850 men and 550 women sitting capacity. The breathtaking sight of the two-story stained glass window in the main sanctuary, that embellish the walls of synagogue portraying the past and the future of the Jewish Nation, which harmonizes with the enormous showpiece chandelier. Even before entering the sanctuary, visitors can delineate themselves with the vast collection of inspiring exhibit of mezuzahs.

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