Ashkelon National Park

Ashkelon National Park is enclosed with history and heritage for a long period of time and is located on the southern part of the Mediterranean coast. In the Roman period the city of Ashkelon was a developing commercial center which is now remarkably exhibited in the park. Some of them are the Roman basilica, Statues of the Goddesses who were the patrons of the city and marble and granite columns.

One of the most magnificent treasures is the Middle Bronze Age gate, with the earliest arch in the world and is located in the northeastern part of the park. Accessible every swimming season is the parks system of around 60 wells of distinctive type of borders on Ashkelon beautiful beach.

Tour around the park will take 30minutes to 2hours and the park is open from 8am-10pm. When in the park tourist should not miss the lawns, picnic tables and barbecues. Adults pay NIS 27 and children pays NIS 14 for parks entrance fee.

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