Guide Horizon

Guide Horizon is a heavenly place where you get to experience a one-of-a kind pampering relaxation in their wonderful desert spa. At the spa, heated swimming pool, dry sauna and Jacuzzi are provided for the guests to enjoy. Exquisite garden spots built for rest and refreshment are also available. The place also includes seven beautifully decorated guest rooms, sumptuous and appetizing meals, outdoor barbecues and more. Guide Horizon is on its 9th year in business and is doing extremely great.

The owner and manager of Guide Horizon is Mr. Stephen Azoulay from Paris. He came all the way from Paris to Mizpe Ramon as he was captivated by the wonderful views and the magnificent colors of the light in the desert sunrises and sunsets. He felt totally in love with the place and finally decided to settle down. He then started his own business and wanted to offer the people something special and unique. Guide Horizon then came into existence.

Another thrilling experience that you could do is to take a three-hour trip with breakfast into the Negev at approximately 350 NIS. Desert dune buggies for excursions are available. An overnight trip, together with sauna and cookout upon return costs 800 NIS. Mr. Azoulay is also one of the pioneers of the distinctive TomCar, which is now famous throughout the world. Visitors can enjoy driving to experience and appreciate the marvelous environment.

Once you set foot in Guide Horizon, it is like being in a whole, different world. It never fails to bring a magical moment to its guests.

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