Eilat Boardwalk

Eilat Boardwalk makes your entire trip to Eilat worthwhile as you get to try a very different kind of a shopping experience. Located near the lagoon in Eilat, the Eilat Boardwalk extends at approximately three kilometers, which makes it one of the longest boardwalks all over the country.

The Eliat Boardwalk has a magnificent landscape. As far as your eye can see, the Red Sea’s blue-green waters function as a perfect background all over the place. Imagine how this wonderful scenery could contribute to such wonderful shopping experience. In the distance, you could also see Jordan.

At daytime, you could enjoy the sun buy just making yourself comfortable. You can just sit and relax on one of the lounge chairs, which could be found at approximately 50 feet from the boardwalk. By sitting and relaxing, one could feel as though you are in some exotic tropical island.

The real action begins at night time. Accompanied with a magical scenery, the visitors and tourists could stroll along the boardwalk and see a number of craft vendors, food counters at a very reasonable price, as well as souvenir shops. Attractive Eilat stone jewelry, hand-crafted bracelets, desert-fashioned clothing, and more could be found at the boardwalk. The best thing is, the prices are mostly 10-20% cheaper, as compared to other gift shops in the hotels of Israel.

One of the most famous activities in Eilat Boardwalk is the “Sling Shot”. Two people sit in a partly enclosed ball and get shot 230 feet into the air. Guests at local hotels nearby would say that the screaming of the people from across the lagoon could be heard. In addition to that, restaurants, bars, amusement parks composed of ice are also offered. People are provided with winter coats upon entrance. With the numerous activities to do at Eilat Boardwalk, this certainly is a must-visit place.

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