Hanegev Pharmacy

Hanegev Pharmacy or the Pharmacy Hanegev Ltd. is the primary pharmacy located in the Negev. It symbolizes a transformed Jewish settlement of the Negev and of the abounding history of Beer-Sheva, which is the capital of Negev.

Before, Hanegev Pharmacy was recognized as the “wealthy Turkish house”. The Turks built it in the year 1901, with the help of European architects and engineers. It is a two-floor building. Originally, the 1st floor used to be a supply shop for fuel, while the 2nd floor is used as a residence for the family. The design of the building contained unique ceiling and arches.

The Hanegev Pharmacy was launched in the year 1948, together with the discharged of Beer-Sheva. In 1986, the building was remodelled. Two families Bogen and Straichman-Kriegel have managed Hanegev Pharmacy for the last three generations. Professional services are being offered consisting of six languages in Russian, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Rumanian and French.

Aside from the medicines, the Pharmacy also offers aromatic oils, orthopaedic commodities, vitamins, aromatic oils and wide selection of cosmetics.

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