Israeli Children’s Museum

The Israeli Children’s Museum in Holon, Israel is an educational-cultural place founded in 2001 that gives unforgettable experiences through 8 permanent exhibitions which are one of a kind and had already more than 1,000,000 visitors of all ages. Perfectly located at Mifratz Shlomo Street,  Peres Park, the museum welcomes the children’s and their parents to have an exciting and unique creative experiences.

Children’s are allowed to touch the museums exhibits, it also inspire and let children to feel and touch the objects, its textures and enter constellation and into world they represent. It also challenges the children’s imagination through interactive participation like with the stories that undertakes child’s active role of becoming the stories hero.

The Israeli children’s Museum is one of the most unique museum’s in Israel, children’s enjoy with hands on activities that will make their imagination energize and to be expose with their emotions, thoughts and feelings. Guests will acquire and develop their knowledge with natures cycle and be familiar with its textures, shapes and colors.

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