Negev Camel Ranch

Negev Camel Ranch in Dimona is a family owned ranch where you can take pleasure on a camel-ride tour on the Neghev desert for an hour or up to 2 days. The ranch was put up in 1986 and is situated in the Eastern-Negev, down the northern Incense Route, in the middle of Be’er Sheva and the Dead Sea.

Camel tours, desert hospitality and lodging are the things that the ranch offers to their guests. They have good accommodations for their guests as well. You can find a simple hut with a seating area and take a rest in the hammock section if you want to relax. The restrooms are shared and separated according to gender and a traditional, vegetarian meal is served which is available on request. In the ranch, they see to it that all the riding animals are well taken care of. Locals and tourists visit the place to have a unique desert experience while enjoying the serenity and quietness of the biblical sites neighboring Negev. The Negev Camel Ranch protects the environment and actual sites and monuments in every activity they engage in.

Be ready to meet the camel world, as you will learn the fascinating desert story. You would enjoy the camel rides since the camels are friendly and it is suitable for all ages. All the ranch staffs are courteous, friendly and well informed in the place and with the camels. The tour is both fun and educational.  Entrance to Negev Camel Ranch is free.

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