Top 10 Things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel

1.) Hilton Beach

The Hilton Beach is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was named after the nearby famous Hilton Hotel in the area. Dogs, which are usually not allowed in beaches, are allowed to enjoy the Hilton Beach on the northern part. Many pet lovers prefer bringing their pets to the beach instead of people to enjoy their pet’s company. Most tourists, beach fanatics and surfers admire the beautiful waves on this part of the Israeli coastline.

2.) Neve Tzedek

The Neve Tzedek, which is located in Tel Aviv, is the oldest neighborhood in the “new city” of Tel Aviv. It was the first neighborhood built beyond the walls of Jaffa’s ancient port. It was established in 1887, 22 years earlier than the foundation of the City of Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek was home to numerous artists and writers dating back to the early 20th century.

3.) Shalom Meir Tower

The Shalom Meir Tower can be located in the district of Tel Aviv. It is known as the first commercial tower built in the city in 1965. It stood and competed among the tallest buildings of Europe during that time and was the tallest in the Middle East. The 34-storey building has a height of 130 m. and stands firm together with the new and modern buildings of Tel Aviv who seem to show great respect for the historical structure.

4.) Ramat Aviv Mall

The Ramat Aviv Mall is found in the northern part of  Tel Aviv, Israel. It is a shopping center for Israeli and International fashion located near the Tel Aviv University. The mall provides a variety of cheap and trendy goods, as well as the highly-fashionable and expensive products. It has a very manageable selection from different sorts of things. Designer items like clothes and bags are also available within the premises in the stores like Razili, Zara and Pull&Bear

5.) Hayarkon Park

The Hayarkon Park is located at Rokach Blvd in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is a good and refreshing green venue to spend the weekends with the family and friends. The vast 1,000 acres of green land boasts of its ponds, gardens, trees, sports fields and recreational areas. Visitors can enjoy bike rentals and pony rides to have a more fun and quicker view of the park.

6.) Luna Park-Tel Aviv

The Luna Park is located in the Ganai HaTaarucha in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the most famous amusement theme park in all of Israel. It has a wide 12 acres of green soil, palm and eucalyptus trees. The park has a lot of rides in store for all ages and all the members of  a family. People usually come here in groups to experience the fun and excitement the park has to offer. It is packed with young teenagers every summer.

7.) Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art in the district of Tel Aviv, Israel is one of the biggest museums of the country. It houses different kinds of art works and historical artifacts that symbolize and describe the rich culture and tradition of Israel. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art was opened in 1932, even before the state of Israel was established.

8.) Bloomfield Stadium

The Bloomfield Stadium, located in Tel Aviv is a venue mainly committed for Israeli Football- a sport well-loved in the Middle East. It can accommodate an exciting crowd of 14,700 guests. he stadium was built at the exact location where the Basa Stadium once stood. The latter was home to the Hapoel Tel Aviv since the 1950′s. The building of the stadium was supported and financed by a Canadian charity, the Canadian Association of Laour Israel, who made partnership with the Hapoel Sports Movement in their charitable works.

9.) Diaspora Museum

The Diaspora Museum, located in Tel Aviv, Israel, is one of the biggest museums in the world that focuses on the rich history of the Jewish people.The museum houses numerous collections and artifacts about and related to the culture and traditions of the Jews all over the world as early as 2500 years ago. These works of art are evidences on how Jewish communities had lived in the old times and through the years.

10.) House of Ben Gurion

The House of Ben Gurion is located at 17 Ben Gurion Blvd in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the humble home of the first prime minister of Israel and one of the most important personalities in the history of Israeli politics. The two-story house known for its simplicity and modesty, served David Ben Gurion and wife Paula until the death of the prime minister in 1973.

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