Top 10 things to do in Ashkelon, Israel

1.) Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai is located 10km south of Ashkelon. It was named after the leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Mordechai Anilewicz and was constituted in 1943. On the site is a magnificent giant sculpture of the leader overseeing the Kibbutz and an ancient water tower which was attacked by the Egyptians during the War of Independence of Israel. The Kibbutz was sooner or later recaptured and rebuilt after the war in 1948 and a museum dedicated to the ghetto fighters was then built.

2.) Ashkeluna Water Park

Ashkeluna Water Park is located in Delila Beach in Ashkelon, Israel. This family friendly attraction has two large pools and a spectacular design of water slides. Other stunning rides and activities for all ages can also be enjoyed in Ashkeluna Water Park. The park is occupying a 10-acre waterfront appreciated by locals and tourists alike. With its reasonable price and its perfect location along marvelous beaches, The Ashkeluna Water Park offers a unique experience that ensures that guests are well entertained.

3.) The Ashkelon Khan and Museum

The Ashkelon Khan and Museum is located in Hatzmaut Square, Migdal in Ashkelon. It is a beautiful and magnificent Arab hotel in the ancient period and was eventually transformed into a site of the Ashkelon’s history museum. It highlights different archaeological discoveries with some 5,000 year history.

4.) Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park

Bet Guviran Maresha National Park is located at the Bet Shemesh-Kiryat Gat road opposite Kibbuts Bet Guvrin. It incorporates an approximately 1,250 acres of rolling hills in the Judean lowlands. The hills, about 400 m above sea level, consist mainly of chalk overlaid with harder rock called Nari. People have dug small gap to build industrial facilities, hideouts, storerooms and burial caves. Most of such caves were built at Bet Guvrin and its surroundings.

5.) The Ashkelon Marina

The Ashkelon Marina is centrally located on Delila and Bar-Kochba beaches. The Marina has a 600-vessel docking capacity and recognized as one of the largest and most beautiful Marina in Israel. It is situated in the center of the tourist area with its location resulting to a unique relationship between the Marina and its people.

6.) Roman Burial Tomb

The Roman Burial Tomb is located about two kilometers north of the Ashkelon Park. It is an impressive tomb that connects with one of the major discovery in the Roman period. It was originally discovered in 1937 with four underground burial niches. A Roman cave and a Hellenistic cave are included in the magnificent site. Romans long ago bury or burn dead people or also known as Inhumation and Cremation.

7.) Carlsberg-Israel Visitor Center

Carlsberg-Israel Visitor Center is located in the Southern Industrial Area in Ashkelon. The Carlsberg’s story began in the last quarter of 1991 when the Coca Cola Israel made an agreement with Carlsberg International A/S giving them the exclusive rights to distribute Carlsberg and Tuborg brands and products in Israel. They were also able to gain the right to put up a modern beer brewery for the production of all beer products to be able to deliver the demand of Isreali market.

8.) Ashkelon National Park

Ashkelon National Park is enclosed with history and heritage for a long period of time and is located on the southern part of the Mediterranean coast. In the Roman period the city of Ashkelon was a developing commercial center which is now remarkably exhibited in the park. Some of them are the Roman basilica, Statues of the Goddesses who were the patrons of the city and marble and granite columns.

9.) World Jewish Film Festival

The World Jewish Film Festival is an international event that is being held every year at the International Convention Center in Ashkelon. The festival consists of films from all over the world and feature documentaries and short films.

10.) The Valley of Elah

The Valley of Elah is a biblical site that was illustrated in the Bible as the place where Israelites settled when David fought Goliath. It is 45 minutes southwest of Jerusalem and is one of the most strongly hidden secrets of Israel.

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