The Valley of Elah

The Valley of Elah is a biblical site that was illustrated in the Bible as the place where Israelites settled when David fought Goliath. It is 45 minutes southwest of Jerusalem and is one of the most strongly hidden secrets of Israel.

The Elah tree which is a Terebinth type of tree can be found at the west side of the valley thus deriving the valley’s name from it. It is an ancient tree that is 75 feet in height and noted as the largest in the area. This large and old tree help visitors recall when trees proliferated in the Shephelah. The valley of Elah is also known as Wadi Elah, Vale of Elah and Nahal ha’Ela.

Nowadays, vineyards are all over the place where Israelis and more tourists come to have a great taste of wines. In 2001, wine export has doubled its number making USA and France its top importers. The Valley of Elah on its southwest, sometime between 1050 and 915 BCE, Professor Garfinkel was able to explore a Judahite city from the Iron Age. It is said to have supported the Biblical account of the United Monarchy.

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