The Albert Promenade

The Albert Promenade in Mizpe Ramon is a three-kilometer path ornamented with remarkable environmental sculptures. The trail starts from the Visitors Center and goes all along the Ramon Crater’s Rim. Right at the very heart of the promenade, you could find a bird balcony that suspends over the crater. It provides an excellent view surrounding beneath the crater. You would be in total amazement as you come across the birds, that instead of flying over your head, you would see them flying under your feet. Visitors, who witnessed these, were fascinated. The pave trail ends in Gamal (camel) mountain. A path goes on along the border of the crater that directs to a small observation podium that is positioned atop of a rock, akin to a camel.

The Albert Promenade has such a magnificent view. When visiting this place, do not forget to bring a camera. A one-of-a kind experience would definitely be felt by anyone who goes to this place.

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