Tayelet is a promenade walk along the magnificent beach front of Tel Aviv, it gives and provides a pathway between Tel Aviv and Jaffa and Tel Aviv’s sea shore. It extends most of the way down to the main strip of Tel Aviv starting the marina in the north and ends in the Jaffa.

It has a swirly design that can be seen just before you land the Ben Gurion Airport. The whole promenade is made up of famous restaurants, cafe’s, bars and many entertainment places that will surely enjoy the visitors. During summer time, people enjoys the beach and evening entertainment events held at the promenade, it is also a perfect place for jogging and biking even walking exercise during winter along with Park Hayarkon which is connected to the promenade.

Whether the weather is summer or winter, Tayelet promenade will always be a perfect place to go for enjoying, unwinding, relaxing with it’s magnificent views and places that is always full of tourist and beach goers.

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