Crusaders’ Castle of Atlit

Crusaders’ Castle of Atlit in Haifa, Israel is a huge crusaders fortress located south of Haifa on a peninsula projecting the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a large site that leads the scenery of the southern shore of Haifa at 400 m X 500 m. It is considered as the last Crusader outpost in the Holy Land, relinquish in 1291.

The fortress was built in 13th century to add a port which has two, the Northern port’s wall at the right side going to the Mediterranean Sea and the Southern port which is located at the back of the castle and used the natural bay as the base of the port to protect the pilgrimage road from Acre to Jerusalem while the castle is situated in the eastern side which is separated from the mainland and few walls are only seen in this ancient city.

Today, the castle is not reachable since it is a military site and it was ruined. The British built army camps and jail wherein Jewish immigrants during the time of British mandate will be imprisoned. Rothchild acquired the land on 1903 and built a modern city, as they are trying to get the army camp away from the crusaders site in order to open it to the public.

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