Haifa Port

Haifa Port is the core and biggest seaport in Israel. The port opened in the year 1993 and acted out as chief source towards the growth and development of the city as well as Israel’s northern part. The Haifa Port is a natural deep-water port. Its main functions are serving as a cruise for the passengers and for cargo too.

The port is situated in the downtown, near Haifa’s town. The vicinity is a commercial area and well known for the sailors’ street, called the “Rehov Hayamaim”. It is where the sailors sell their commodities for a very reasonable price. However, the city now is full of air-conditioned shopping malls, because of this, the street now loses its magic.

At the port, you can find many tourist spots that are just in close proximity like the passengers’ terminal in Gate number 5. Beside Gate number 5 is the train station called the Hashmona. It opens for 24 hours and it is just a 1-hour drive to Tel Aviv. A few blocks from the port, you can visit the German Colony, the breath-taking view of Baha’i Gardens as well as visiting the garden’s lower area. For the passengers on cruise, there are Haifa port tours that you can enjoy visiting like the Galilee district and Jerusalem.

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