The Assyrian Castle in LeZion

The Assyrian Castle is an archeological site discovered in a boulevard named Yitzhak Rubin in Rishon LeZion,Israel. It was found in the sand dunes and was excavated by the experts for research purposes.

History shares that the Assyrians occupied Jerusalem, now Israel, dating back to the 8th century B.C. The land of Israel was nearly the center meeting continents namely Asia, Europe and Africa so it was easily conquered by different kingdoms and rulers. During the early civilization, Israel was first conquered by the Egyptians but later overruled by the Persians and the Assyrians led by Alexander the Great in 300 B.C. The Assyrians started occupying the land and grew through the centuries.

The Assyrian Castle revealed the ways of living of the Assyrians during that time and depicted the “Iron Age” civilization. Different Archeologists and experts still go to the site and do research on the site. The historical area is also available to the public for viewing.

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