Temple Mount

Temple Mount, is one of the famous architectural monuments and far famed considered as one of the most historical land site in the old city of Jerusalem that is rich in valuable recorded events and religious importance. It is convened by many names. In the archaic period of the biblical era, some call it Mount Zion, others Mount Moria and for the Hebrew and Muslim, they call it the Noble Sanctuary or Bait-ul-Muqaddas.

Resting on a grand plateau overlooking the rest of the city, Temple Mount is made of a vast area of 35 acres, staging a number of buildings that is cardinal and chief structures in the area.

The primary structures include Al Aqsa mosque. It is one of the oldest and most grandiose mosques in the world, set next to the entrance to the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock.  With an elegant design of a gold dome, facaded in a medley of blue tiles covering the entire structure. It is an important structure for both Muslim and Jewish for it is believed to be the very site where Abraham offered God his son Isaac abruptly without question and believed to be containing the rock from which Muhammad is believed to have ascended into heaven on his Night Journey. Another is a smaller dome beautifully decorated, the Dome of the Chain. The open synagogue of the Western wall, considered as the most holiest site in the world. Next is Solomon’s Stables, a fascinating underground chambers built by Herod with hundreds of pigeons nestling and visiting from the area. And the last is the Islamic Museum which focuses mainly on the Islamic architecture in the area.

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