Mount of Olives in Jerusalem

Mount of Olives is located at the Eastern side of Kidron valley, named after the Olive trees that grew on it’s hillside during historic times. Became the most holiest cemetery, believed by the Jewish tradition that Messiah will bring the dead back to life.  It’s across the Kidron Creek  where the entire hill sides  is covered by thousands of grave stones facing the old city of Jerusalem. The hill is 100 meters above the the old city and 830 meters above sea level. In the North of the hill is the headquarters of the Romans during the time of obstruction in Jerusalem.

Mount Olives, also known as the Mount of Summit where Jesus stood when he wept over the future destruction of Jerusalem, taught his believer the Lords prayer and the place where Jesus was betrayed and arrested. Jews used to come and pray since it has a magnificent view of Temple Mount and conducted parades on the hill side every Jewish religious festival.

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