Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa is a Latin word for Way of suffering or Way of grief. It is one of the most famous architectural monuments in the old city of Jerusalem. Far famed as the path where Jesus suffered and walked carrying the crucifixion cross that led to his demise. It starts from the place where he was tried, condemned, and his bereavement.

The way of the Via Dolorosa starts at the eastern side of  the Lion’s Gate in the Old city and ends in Golgotha, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher,  this is the route Jesus is said to have followed while carrying the Cross to his crucifixion.

There are 14 stations, where nine of this marked along the Via Dolorosa while the five stations are inside the Church. Station 1 starts at the north west corner of the Temple Mount near the monastery of flagellation and ends in the Church of Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus is nailed to the cross, died and laid his body after removed from the cross. The way of the grief ends here but  a new journey begins, starting a new belief  which changed the world.

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