Western Wailing Wall

Western Wailing Wall is situated at the foot of the western side of the temple of mount in the old city of Jerusalem. Considered as the most holiest place for Jews wherein thousands of Jewish worshiper believes that the presence of God’s spirit is always in the holy temple for thousands of years. Jewish people praying three times a day during morning, afternoon and evening. It was built by King Herod the great of Israel in the first century B.C. and took 11 years to construct the wall and made it beautifully as the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus said.

During 70 A.D. Jerusalem and the temple is destroyed by the Romans wherein few parts of the temple are left and prohibited the Jews from entering or rebuilding their temple. In 1967, when Israel captured the Old City, the plaza was created as a place for prayer. The place can accommodate ten of thousands of worshipers, the walls are 25 layers of stones at 20 meter in height above the ground and was split into 4 sections, a large open space on western side, a section for women on the south side, a larger space for men, men and women are separated because of religious requirement, and an area of covered space in the northern side.

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