The Wise Astronomy Observatory

The Wise Astronomy Observatory is an astronomical observatory situated 5 km west of Mizpe Ramon City in the Negev desert, near the border of the Ramon Crater. It is owned and managed by the Tel-Aviv University and is considered as the only certified astronomical observatory in Israel.

The stillness of the surroundings and the dark, clear skies made the desert an ideal spot for a large observatory in Israel. A 40-inch Ritchey-Chretien reflector, that is comparable to the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (which is used in the year 1940-1950), is the major instrument used at the observatory. It provides a very extensive field and well-corrected visions of the night sky.

The Wise Astronomy Observatory has a significant advantage and that is the exact location of ~35°E in the Northern Hemisphere. This implies an ample of opportunities for time-series studies. The projects require an exploration for stellar oscillations, observing gravitational microlensing outcomes and more.

The Wise Astronomy Observatory is a place where a great possibility of some unexplained, scientific questions and theories from the past, which is in connection with astronomy, will be given an accurate explanation. Science would then be more exact.

You can visit The Wise Astronomy Observatory during the day, but it is suggested to call ahead of time.

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