National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum in Haifa, Israel is a modern four story building situated near the entrance to Haifa South. It is founded by Arie Ben Eli, the first director of this museum in 1953. In 1972, the National Maritime Museum change their location to it’s current premises near to other tourist attractions in Haifa like the northern beach-head of Mount Carmel, Elijah’s Cave found between Stella Maris and Bat Galim neighborhoods and the Israeli Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum.

At the beginning, the museum was keen to the maritime history of the Red Sea, Mediterranean Basin and the Nile. During 1953, museum collections are based on the collections of Arie Ben Eli. Nowadays, you’ll find over 7,000 rich item collections like ancient anchors, fish and dolphins, Greco Roman coins, stamps and maritime themes, naval battles, naval architecture and more that tourist will surely enjoy their visit. The building itself has a ground floor for exhibition purposes, with John Cohen Library offices, research rooms and auditorium on the ground floor.

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