The Museum for Bedouin Culture

The Museum for Bedouin Culture was created for the main purpose of collecting, documenting, and preserving the unique culture of the Bedouins’ before it disappears. The Bedouin tribes went through a process of drastic changes as they progress from being a nomadic to a contemporary way of life.

The current anthology was combined concurrently in the Bedouin Museum in Southern Museum and Kibbutz Lahav. Orna and Avner Goren arranged the place. By the year 1979, after the departure of the Israelites from Sinai, the two collections were merged, creating the Museum for Bedouin Culture at Joe Alon Center. The collection is on a permanent exhibit in a stunning building. The architect who designed the edifice is Tzvi Lissar of Tel Aviv.

The Museum for Bedouin Culture in Beersheva offers extraordinary pieces of Bedouin’s clothes, weapons, life, agricultural equipments, mannequins, colorful stands and more. In the observation site, you are served a strong cup of coffee with a flat cake in the café accompanied by the national music of the Bedouins.

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