Hof Hatzuk Beach

Hof Hatzuk Beach is approximately a 15-minute drive away from Petah Tikva to the northern part of Tel Aviv. Considered as one of the most popular beach in town, Hof Hatzuk offers you the best in facilities, wonderful atmosphere, great food, friendly staff, comfortable lounges and more. Though this may be the only beach that charges 12 NIS for adults and 8 NIS for the children, the place itself is a paradise. It is absolutely worth it. Hof Hatzuk is also the only beach that is not too crowded, thus, creating an exclusive vibe.

Start your day at the beach with a sumptuous Israeli Breakfast on the Terrace combined with the fresh and serene air while enjoying the magnificent view. Enjoy the beautiful lawns decorated down to the beach as well as the landscapes that boast a delightful vision.

Impressive amenities such as showers on the beach, free parking facilities, wooden pergolas used for shade, 2 cafes, changing rooms, faucets where you can wash your feet before you leave are provided. Deck chairs are also available for the visitors with a considerable rent cost. At the southern edge of the beach, you can see a lifeguard tower. The lifeguards are strict in a way that they always look after the safety of the people. You are not allowed to get out of the line when swimming. Hence, safety is ensured at Hof Hatzuk Beach.

Families and a group of young people are the regular visitors at the beach. You can usually find them sipping sodas or juices, the children playing around and more. When you are in Petah Tikva, do not miss the opportunity to visit Hof Hatzuk Beach, especially during summer time. The beach opens at 7am until 7pm.

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