Santiago Calatrava Bridge

The famous Santiago Calatrava Bridge is a cable-stayed pedestrian bridge, which is 164 feet long and Y-shaped. The structure is located above the busy streets of Jabotinsky Road in Petah Tikva that connects the Rabin Hospital, to Ovnat shopping mall, residential area and a public park. The width of each of the other two arms of the bridge is 39 meters long. The bridge is carried from a 95-foot steel pylon, which is highly tilted. It is located where the three spans traverse. What makes the bridge extraordinary is the fact that it is built mainly of steel with a glass-paved deck, which expands over to a total of 50 meters.

The person who should be accounted for building this magnificent bridge is no other than Santiago Calatrava. A widely recognized engineer, architect, and sculptor, he is known for his amazing artistic designs. When designing an edifice, he uses materials like glass, steel, and concrete which is beyond the normal limits. Thus, his masterpieces always turn out to be authentic, exceptional, and world-class just like the Santiago Calatrava Bridge in Petah Tikva.

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