The Ancient Bath House in Nazareth

Ancient Bath House in Nazareth, Israel is an historical treasure discovered in 1990′s by a couple named Elias Shama and his Belgian wife Martina when they were having a renovation at their art and souvenir shop “Cactus” just beside the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel, next to Mary’s Well Square  in the heart of Nazareth,. The couple could not imagine that through their renovation, they will discover a large and ancient bathhouse about 2000 years old which according to the archeologist and experts it was dated during the time of Roman era and the time of Jesus. It was developed to an extensive and well-preserved archeological site for tourist who wants to visit the only bath house in Nazareth.

Today, with Elias and Martina’s mission to share the bath house to the world, tourist will surely enjoy their visit with the caldarium (hot room), the praefurnarium (furnace) and the most beautiful hypocaust (heating tunnels) in the Middle East. During the tour, visitors are provided with light refreshments that will be served in in one of the halls that tourist will also enjoy the atmosphere while taking a break. After the tour, visitors will also enjoy the couples gift and souvenir shops loaded with exquisite collection of authentic traditional embroidery, metalwork, handmade jewelry, and other beautiful works of art.

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