The Well House at Netanya Heritage Center

The Well House at Netanya Heritage Center was established to honor the contributions and hard work of the pioneers of the colony, especially on the years 1928-48. In the Heritage Center, one could view films associated with the main topic. Other than that, they also present another film dedicated to the furtive immigration to Israel during the era of the British Mandate by the Jews, as well as the origin of farming, when citrus crops were growing in the land. In the area of Netanya, farming then was tough and demanding. The film will also show how the people survived by working together; thus, forming a strong bond of unity towards one another.

The Well House at Netanya Heritage Center also offers other services like displaying live pictures of the ancient times, which is executed by a theater group of volunteers. The Heritage Center has two floors. The first floor is allocated to a well, which is currently operating as well as foundation of Netanya’s settlement. On the other hand, the second floor is utilized for temporary exhibitions and as a lecture hall.

The rich history of Israel back in 1928-48 is being focused in the Well House at Netanya Heritage Center. When you happen to visit the beautiful town of Netanya, do not miss the opportunity to check out this place. You will have an educational and interesting learning experience at the same time. This is definitely a must-visit place.

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