Winter Pond Reserve

The Winter Pond Reserve is a unique feature situated in the southern part of Netanya and east of the sandstone cliff located by the shoreline. The extraordinary sight is famous since it is visited by locals as well as tourists to witness the amazing view. Winter rains pour into the pond area and create a small magnificent lake annually. The life span and the dimension of the lake are based on the quantity of rainfall every year.

During spring seasons, the Winter Pond Reserve draws more attention from the public as compared to the other seasons as they try to capture the magical scenery of the place. All sorts of people encounter this “once in a blue moon” event. Painters, photographers, scholars, students, nature lovers, and more are captivated as new life begins each winter in the small area of the pond. Daphnia, crabs, and a diversity of water insects, roughly 20 species come to life in the water of the pond. In the 19th century, over 100 eucalyptus plants were planted surrounding the pond. These plants provide an exceptional appearance that seems to be a suitable habitat for crows, herons, ravens, and ring-necked parakeets.

In the area of the Winter Pond Reserve, a Winter Pond Park also referred as Netanya Park was built out of wood completely. It also includes sports and entertainment facilities for the children to enjoy.

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