The Unplugged Bar

The Unplugged Bar is a famous Israeli bar that lies right in the obverse of the New Tourist Center, straight diagonally from the Hayam Mall and the beach, located in the heart of the city and subsequently to another recurrent Eilat watering hole, called the Underground.

The Unplugged mainly has two facets: A bar that is inside the building and a covered space athwart the sidewalk, which contains plastic enclosing, tables for picnic, and heaters during the season of winter.

The Unplugged Bar is just a simple bar; the crowd is mainly the young people. The music played in the bar is a series from 60’s to 80’s classics. The bar is also known for serving drinks and pub food at a very reasonable price. Their draft beers only costs 7 NIS, while the rest of their cocktails are only worth 10 NIS. Drinks are served with popcorn and other munchies like cheese and olives. The service is great. The waiters are friendly, accommodating and very attentive to the needs of the customers. Since happy hour lasts only until 11 pm, the bar is definitely a great place where you can drink few beers before planning to do more night-out activities like dancing, playing pool, chatting with friends and the likes.

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