Holon Peres Park

The Peres Park located in Holon, Israel is one of the city’s magnificent leisure parks. This covers 75 acres of  land and is very open for the public. One can see the beautiful landscape of the green area.

The park has its own lake to add a  good and refreshing atmosphere. Visitors can ride on the park’s boats to explore the park through the calm waters. Children can also have fun with the kid’s  playground equipments. Families usually go and visit the area as it is very accommodating and relaxing. The park also offers free parking.

The park  has an amphitheater where special shows and presentations are seen to showcase Israeli Art and Culture for entertainment and awareness. Art exhibits are also held annually on the site.

The park was planned and developed by the Holon Entertainment and Leisure Company headed by Etti Giladi and supervised by Motti Sasson, the city mayor. They are also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the marvelous place.

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