Israeli Center for Digital Art

The Israeli Center for Digital Art is located in Holon near Tel Aviv. Originally established in a single- room gallery of an abandoned school building in 2001, the center is presently one of the many successful non-profit organizations supported by the city government.

The establishment is mainly intended for art enthusiasts, critics, curators and the public in order for them to research, learn, produce, present and master contemporary art. There are five different programs they concentrate upon: the video archives, public presentation, residency program, publications and education.

Various international and local artists, critics and curators are also given the chance to spend time in Holon to produce their works and showcase their own techniques and skills on contemporary art through the residency program.

Art exhibitions, symposiums, lectures, workshops, sound events and alike are being organized the whole year round to create a good learning atmosphere and awareness, not only to the artists and enthusiasts, but the public as well.

The Maarav is their published magazine, presenting different topics regarding contemporary Israeli art and culture. The Halas internet radio station  also operates in the center.

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