Israeli Cartoon Museum

The Israeli Cartoon Museum is located in the city of Holon near Tel Aviv. In 2007, it was added to the Mediatheque Holon which is the main cultural center of the city. It is where the Israeli cartoonists and caricaturists develop their art through constant practice, learning and exposure.

Art galleries and exhibition rooms are found in the museum which contain different works, techniques,approaches to cartooning, drawing and sketching. Exhibits include a wide range of topics like political, social and cultural issues.

Comic lovers have regularly visited the place to nurture their interest and love for these very detailed and unique creations.

The museum aims to deliver to new and wider audiences the specific art as another effective  form of communication. Further researches about caricature in Israel are being studied and analyzed to enrich the status of awareness of the public in realizing reality through a different approach. Cooperating with international professionals in caricature is maintained by the museum to continuously maintain and preserve the well-loved art.

Every year, the museum conducts seminars, symposiums, exhibits and competitions, led by different art professionals, to attract more cartoonists,caricaturists, visitors, and enthusiasts from all ages.

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