Design Museum Holon

Design Museum Holon is the first national Design Museum located in the newly urbanized city of Holon, which is a few miles south of Tel Aviv. Ron Arad architects designed the museum in the year 2003 of March. The group of architects met the challenge of producing an international standard edifice to highlight, convey and include the principles of design. They spent four years in creating the building. Now, the museum is chosen as the new cultural and educational center in Israel. It upholds the appreciation of design and architecture in Israel.

The Design Museum Holon dwells a semi-rectangular 3,700 square meters. The large plaza to the north is the preliminary public area and an entrance route to the Museum. The direction leading through the museum is experiential as the visitors witness a sequence of dramatic inner views across the internal courtyard of the museum. The climatic conditions take advantage of the negative spaces wedged in the middle of volumes that are enclosed allocating all year round use of outer spaces. On the other hand, other protected routes are fully accessible to the public.

The Design Museum Holon is truly a work of art. This is indeed a contemporary and historical place rolled into one.  People from all over the world will definitely be fascinated once they visited the museum.

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