Tanur Chimney Waterfall

The Tanur Chimney Waterfall is one of most wonderful and stunning waterfalls in Metula, Israel. Metula can be found at the border of Israel and Lebanon where spectacular hillsides that are encircled by fields and orchards could be seen. You would appreciate the beauty of nature more when you see this sight. The Tanur Waterfalls is the third waterfalls in the river of Aiun. When visiting this place, it is suggested to start in Metula, and go all the way down to the second waterfalls until you reach the Tanur waterfalls.

For the nature lovers out there, take a hike while enjoying the captivating scenery around you. The hike will take approximately an hour from the south of Metula to the northern part of Israel. You would be taken aback by the beautiful trail. It is safe to travel by foot since the path that leads to the waterfalls is well marked. It only costs you about six dollars per person.

The perfect time to visit the place is during a pleasant winter day and in the springtime as lots of flowers bloom around the surroundings in the environment. This lovely scenery is really a gift from God. Do not forget to bring your cameras and take pictures of the Tanur Waterfalls as a great souvenir.

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