Akko Old Town

Acre, also referred to as Akko is a stunning Old Town found in Northern Israel near the Mediterranean Sea, on the northern boundary of Haifa Bay.  This town is known for preserving its ancient and historical places, yet it is still active today.

Some sites are declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site such as The Old City of Acre including the walls, green-domed Mosque and the Citadel.  To know more about the vibrant history of Acre and get a taste of its rich culture, there are recommended sights for you to go.  Get fascinated with the interesting displays in the Municipal Museum situated in an old Turkish bathhouse, the magnificent Knight’s Halls, The Crusader Castle of Akko with its long passageways and its ceilings with Gothic design, lively bazaars, the enchanting underground Templar Crusader Tunnel, preserved Crusader Fort and lots more.

You can explore the city in almost any forms of transportation.  If you want to see the Mediterranean beaches with breath-taking views, you can go by boat or you could simply travel by foot through the narrow streets and feel the atmosphere of the place.

Although the Akko Old Town claimed to be a safe place, it is still recommended to be extra-careful.  Dress modestly, never walk alone especially after dark and be aware of pickpockets.

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