Museum of the Jewish Diaspora

The Museum of the Jewish Diaspora is believed to be one of the largest museums in the whole world containing a bountiful of information about the history of the Jews over the last 2,500 years. The Museum is situated on the campus of Tel Aviv’s University.

The Museum has a lot to offer to the public. It includes information on works of art and other cultural events, more specifically on the Jewish community that was shaped 2,500 years ago; from the time the Jewish tribes were exiled from the Land of Israel.

The Museum of the Jewish Diaspora aim’s to develop a basic understanding of the growth and transformation of the Jewish people by giving a comprehensive perspective experience to the public.

Interesting activities are being offered at the Museum. Exhibitions, seminars, tours or if you are curious enough to know your family tree, you can even have it researched.

Several tours that showcase the permanent collection from various features are offered at the Museum. On the other hand, temporary exhibits highlight the experience of the Jewish people in other countries.

The topics to be discussed by the tours include “Dilemmas of the Jewish People”, dealing with questions that involves the interaction of the Jewish community and its environment and choosing between different Jewish life expressions. Meanwhile, the “Mosaic of the Jewish People” focuses on how culture and lifestyle of the different Jewish communities from all over the world exist. The story of the Jews during the last two millennia in Diaspora is being introduce in “Voyage through Jewish Time”. The narrations are done in a very creative and interesting manner where actors wear periodic costume while narrating and they have unique film footage.

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