Wolfson Museum in Jerusalem

The Wolfson Museum in Jerusalem is a place of a wide collection of marvelous antique and rare artifacts, all with Jewish significance. Approximately 5,000 items are on display in the museum. Each item has a story to tell as it represents a Jewish history thousands of years ago. Anyone who is fascinated with candlestick holders and Chanukah menorahs are more than delighted to visit the place. Five rooms with an assortment of exhibits are found inside.  Some of the exhibits include “The Story of the Binding of Isaac” which deals with his sacrifices in paintings and sculpture; another one looks into the spiritual and physical elements of synagogues, dioramas portraying the history of Jews, modern works of artists  and a lot more.

One of the Museum’s aims is to introduce Jewish identity as well as its heritage. They make clear and concise relationship between historical practice and customs that are followed until nowadays.  In view of that, the Museum has a lot to offer to the public.  Tours could be arrange if you schedule it in advance with three languages offered, English, Russian or Hebrew. Furthermore, they have live performers who act out stories of the objects in the museum and art workshops. Kids could also appreciate the Wolfson Museum since they regularly have Hebrew shows for them located in the auditorium, Hechal Shlomo.

The Hechal Shlomo’s auditorium consists of 580 seating capacity, also hosts cultural events, performances, festivals, seminars and more. It is the former seat of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate. Never fail to go to its rooftop, as it has a very spectacular view around Jerusalem.

The Wolfson Museum is open from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00am-8:00 pm and 9:00am-12 pm every Friday.  Ticket price for adults is 15 NIS and 10 NIS for children.

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