Dreams and Visions Gallery

Dreams and Visions Gallery is found in the Artists Quarter of Tzfat. A Safed artist named Sheva Chaya brings it to life. She is a graduate of Princeton University, and makes use of the famous artwork called the glassblowing displays and her dynamic paintings from watercolor tries to illuminate traditional liturgy and Jewish mystical concepts, which motivates her as an artist.

In the year 1997, Sheva Chaya came to Israel and developed a unique style of painting. Her art has developed throughout the years she spent in Israel. What makes her artwork interesting is that she creatively incorporates the rich spiritual teachings of Hassidic and Judaism into it.

The Dreams and Visions Gallery is filled with blown glass shapes. It is clearly seen that her inspirations comes from the Jewish traditions and study. One would notice that her paintings stir up spirituality and enchanting atmosphere of Tzfat.  The colors she uses are soft, but vibrant. Blues and violets are mostly seen in most of her paintings. Kabbalistic symbols and Hebrew letters are also knitted into her artwork. These merely imply that she has deep commitment to Judaism and her Hasidic community.

The Dreams and Visions Gallery pretty big which enables her to invite groups for presentations on The Precious Land of Israel, Expressionist Watercolor, Women’s Wisdom and Kabbalah of Glassblowing. Many groups take this opportunity as they visit her gallery. Sheva Chaya serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists. Her unique artworks are considered a major contribution in Israel’s history.

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