Top 10 Things to do in Holon, Israel

1.) Israel Puppet Theater Center

The Israel Puppet Theater Center, is home to the art of puppetry located in Holon, Israel. It has incorporated its own puppetry school and museum 12 years ago. Last 2006,they moved to a more conventional site adding up a 150-seat auditorium for the audience to enjoy and a  library with archives to conserve and preserve the art.

2.) Holon Story Gardens

The Story Gardens of Holon is the only story-telling park in Israel. It is a very unique park intended to enrich a child’s imagination and interest to some of the most famous children’s stories. The park also enhances the awareness and love of every child and visitor regarding children’s literature. There are currently a total of thirty-one story gardens spread out in the different neighborhoods and areas around Holon.

3.) Mediatheque Public Library

The Mediatheque Public Library in Holon is the city’s main information center. It was originally established as the Holon Public Library in 1956, it was later renamed when transferred to a new and more convenient location in the Mediatheque Cultural Center last 2004. As the new generation arises, the strategies of the library has also improved. It has adopted various technological and systematical advancements to access and gather information and data.

4.) Yamit 2000 Water Park

Yamit 2000  is one of Israel’s water parks located in Holon. It is a big amusement spa dedicated for relaxation and entertainment. The very relaxing spa has 6 kinds of jacuzzi including a Turkish-bath which is specially designed. Other unique pampering services like their wet and dry sauna rooms are also available for all kinds of visitors.

5.) Holon Skimulator Center

The Skimulator Center, located in Industrial Zone Holon near Tel Aviv, is a great venue for professional and amateur skiers in Israel.The center provides quality trainings and lessons for enthusiasts to improve their skiing techniques in unique and innovative ways. It is also the most appropriate venue for skiers to practice their skills before they head and  ski on Mt. Hermon.

6.) Israeli Center for Digital Art

The Israeli Center for Digital Art is located in Holon near Tel Aviv. Originally established in a single- room gallery of an abandoned school building in 2001, the center is presently one of the many successful non-profit organizations supported by the city government. The establishment is mainly intended for art enthusiasts, critics, curators and the public in order for them to research, learn, produce, present and master contemporary art.

7.) Holon Peres Park

The Peres Park located in Holon, Israel is one of the city’s magnificent leisure parks. This covers 75 acres of  land and is very open for the public. One can see the beautiful landscape of the green area. The park has its own lake to add a  good and refreshing atmosphere. Visitors can ride on the park’s boats to explore the park through the calm waters. Children can also have fun with the kid’s  playground equipments.

8.) Holon Cinematheque

The Holon Cinematheque, located in the city of Holon near Tel Aviv, is one of the establishments built for the appreciation of Israeli art and culture. The center is part of the bigger Mediatheque Holon in central district. Built in 2008, the Holon Cinematheque empowers the appreciation, love and education towards the art of motion pictures and film-making. Countless numbers of films and cinematic works, from the different parts of the world, are being exposed to the audience and visitors of the center.

9.) Holon Mediatheque

The Mediatheque located in Holon is the city’s main cultural hub which is composed of the Mediatheque Theater, Mediatheque Public Library, Holon Cinematheque, Israeli Cartoon Museum and the Design Museum Holon. The various components of the Mediatheque has worked together to fulfill Holon’s goal to become a city with rich Israeli art and culture. The center, aims to impact the relationship between culture, environment and the community.

10.) Israeli Children’s Museum

The Israeli Children’s Museum in Holon, Israel is an educational-cultural place founded in 2001 that gives unforgettable experiences through 8 permanent exhibitions which are one of a kind and had already more than 1,000,000 visitors of all ages. Perfectly located at Mifratz Shlomo Street,  Peres Park, the museum welcomes the children’s and their parents to have an exciting and unique creative experiences.

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