Top 10 Things to do in Netanya, Israel

1.) Tractor History Museum

The Tractor History Museum, which is located in Netanya, exhibits a remarkable wide collection of tractors and other equipments used in farming during the ancient period in Netanya. Erez Milstein and his business associates established the Museum. At present, it is administered by a public organization. The Tractor History Museum has numerous donors. Banai Foundation and Hecht Foundation are the chief contributors as they maintain, operate, and manage the museum.

2.) Poleg Beach

Poleg Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the City of Netanya. It is situated near Green Beach Hotel on the southern area of Netanya City and the Ramat Poleg. Poleg Beach was closed for a number of years. However, through the proposal of Netanya’s Mayor, Miriam Feirberg-Ikar, the beach was revived after it was confirmed that it was clean and safe. Nevertheless, continuing supervision by sampling water from the stream and sea four times a week is strictly practiced.

3.) Netanya Beach Elevator

The Netanya Beach proudly offers a new attraction to their site, a new elevator to the sea. An extraordinary feature indeed, which is considered as the first of its kind in Israel.  The elevator goes down starting on the Promenade along the top of the cliff to the beach. The main purpose of constructing the elevator is for a more convenient and immediate access to the beach, which will only take you 20 seconds as well as the alteration in height between the city center and the seashore.

4.) 7 Winds Tandem Paragliding

7 Winds Tandem Paragliding Center offers a flying course from beginners to more experienced in Paragliding. Since Netanya is considered as a home of paragliding in Israel, this flying sport is highly recommended, especially for the tourists. Experience the beautiful city of Netanya through paragliding. The breathtaking view is truly enchanting.

5.) Well House at Netanya Heritage Center

The Well House at Netanya Heritage Center was established to honor the contributions and hard work of the pioneers of the colony, especially on the years 1928-48. In the Heritage Center, one could view films associated with the main topic. Other than that, they also present another film dedicated to the furtive immigration to Israel during the era of the British Mandate by the Jews, as well as the origin of farming, when citrus crops were growing in the land. In the area of Netanya, farming then was tough and demanding.

6.) Sanz Beach

Sanz Beach in Netanya is located at the northern part of the beach, across from the Galei Sanz Hotel. It is a separate beach for both men and women. The place is mainly developed for the utilization of the religious people. Since Netanya is recognized as having one of the longest coastlines in Israel, you have a variety of options to choose from. If you happen to be conservative, and an orthodox spiritual individual, Sanz Beach is certainly suitable for you. A certain schedule must be strictly followed when planning to visit the place.

7.) Café London in Netanya

Café London in Netanya is one of the famous restaurants in the city that serves unique and the finest of European cuisine. They offer a wide array of menus including soups, snacks, fish and other seafood, hamburgers and more. Start your day right with an amazing Israeli Breakfast that will keep your stomach full until late in the afternoon. In addition, the spaghetti is definitely a must-try combined with a delightful toast that is very sumptuous. End your meal with luscious and tempting desserts. A guilty pleasure indeed, but incredibly worth it!

8.) Iris Reserve

The Iris Reserve is probably one of nature’s gifts to the people. Try to capture the beauty of nature by strolling through the southern part of Netanya. The reserve holds a diversity of homegrown wild flowers, the purple Argaman Iris most particularly. It is highly recommended to visit the place from mid February to early March. This is the perfect time when you see the plant blossoms in a 2-3 week period.

9.) Winter Pond Reserve

The Winter Pond Reserve is a unique feature situated in the southern part of Netanya and east of the sandstone cliff located by the shoreline. The extraordinary sight is famous since it is visited by locals as well as tourists to witness the amazing view. Winter rains pour into the pond area and create a small magnificent lake annually. The life span and the dimension of the lake are based on the quantity of rainfall every year.

10.) Herzl Beach

Herzl Beach is a widely recognized beach in the wonderful city of Netanya. Herzl Beach is the augmentation from Atzmaut Square and Herzl Street. You can find a newly constructed promenade that is entirely stunning. The sparkling golden sun and the Mediterranean Sea are very inviting. Even by just lying around and enjoying the perfect weather is already enough to have a wonderful day at the beach. Hearing the sound of the waves as it goes to the shore is very pleasing to the ears.

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