Top 10 things to do in Eilat, Israel

1.)  Botanical Garden of Eilat

The Botanical Garden of Eilat is an oasis. Located on a shackle of wonderful, natural desert hills, lies one of the most amazing sceneries that you can find in the town of Eilat. The Botanical Garden welcomes you to a different world where you could experience peace and tranquility, while enjoying the magnificent scenery.

2.) Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef, situated on the shores of Red Sea, is one of Eilat’s unique, marvelous, and beautiful private beach where people enjoy a pleasing ambiance, enchanting sights and secluded beach rolled into one. Experience a one-of-a kind opportunity to observe, encounter and be one with one of God’s most amazing creations, the dolphins. This rare event is simply a gift of nature to humankind.

3.) Hai Bar National Biblical Wildlife Reserve

The Hai Bar National Biblical Wildlife Reserve introduces a 3,000-acre (12 km2) area, located on the suburbs of Eilat in Southern Israel. It’s purpose is for protection, re-acclimation and reproduction of the locally extinct and rare animals that are indicated in the Bible. Moreover, there are also some endangered desert animals, which are not from Israel. One example would be an animal from the Northern Africa, called the Scimitar Oryx. The Israel Nature Reserves and National Parks Authority manage the Wildlife Reserve.

4.) Red Canyon

Red Canyon, one of the most captivating forms of nature, which is located in Eilat,Israel, is said to be a famous spot where visitors, both locals and foreigners visit the place, to experience nature at its finest. People who are passionate about photography are highly recommended to visit the place, to capture its enthralling beauty.

5.) Aqua Beach

Aqua Beach, considered as the best site for snorkeling and diving in Eilat, Israel is a haven for the locals and foreigners, especially the scuba divers.  If you are the type of person who enjoys fun under the heat of the sun, Aqua beach would be the perfect destination for you. In this beach, you can go snorkeling and diving to your heart’s desire, while enjoying the beautiful beach

6.) The Camel Ranch Eilat

The Camel Ranch Eilat, located at the entrance to Wadi Shlomo, offers a unique and a diversity of desert experiences suitable for the whole family, children of all ages as well as the senior citizens. Breath-taking and fantastic scenery could be enjoyed while taking the tour. The Camel Ranch was established in the year 1987 in Nachal Shlomo, in the city of Eilat in a desert panorama. It is mainly a 10-minute ride from the place of Eilat.

7.) The Unplugged Bar

The Unplugged Bar is a famous Israeli bar that lies right in the obverse of the New Tourist Center, straight diagonally from the Hayam Mall and the beach, located in the heart of the city and subsequently to another recurrent Eilat watering hole, called the Underground.

8.) Eilat’s History Museum

Eilat’s History Museum is considered as one of the most popular Museum, situated in Israel, Eilat. This place is full of locals as well as tourists who are very interested and fascinated with Eilat’s humble beginnings up to the present. One would get the opportunity to encounter the bountiful history of Eilat.

9.) Eilat Boardwalk

Eilat Boardwalk makes your entire trip to Eilat worthwhile as you get to try a very different kind of a shopping experience. Located near the lagoon in Eilat, the Eilat Boardwalk extends at approximately three kilometers, which makes it one of the longest boardwalks all over the country.

10.) What’s Up Observatory

What’s Up Observatory, is a breakthrough in the field of Science. No one else offers this program, but only the experts in Eilat, Israel.  In July of 2003, which is 8 years ago, the concept began. It was mainly inspired in New Orleans by John Brown’s sidewalk astronomy, and the part owner, Eltan Schwartz.

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