What’s Up Observatory

What’s Up Observatory, is a breakthrough in the field of Science. No one else offers this program, but only the experts in Eilat, Israel.  In July of 2003, which is 8 years ago, the concept began. It was mainly inspired in New Orleans by John Brown’s sidewalk astronomy, and the part owner, Eltan Schwartz.

An amazing history of the What’s Up Observatory began, when the owners were able to established a place on the promenade, with just a telescope, their first customers were the Israeli Police as well as the municipal tourist inspectors. This group of people had never seen a telescope. As a result, they were so captivated to see the craters and seas of the moon so close. Afterwhich, other people saw different planets such as Saturn’s magnificent rings, ice cap on Mar’s North Pole and more. As the speculations of Science were explored, they started taking groups of people into the desert to capture its beauty to a greater extent. Now, the Observatory is becoming more famous throughout Eilat, Israel.

What’s Up Observatory offers variety of programs in astronomy, mainly focusing on discussions with interesting and exciting topics on astronomical occurrences and courses for the public. It is therefore, looking at Science in another perspective, making it more appealing to the people. Hence, people’s curiosity would be heightened and produce more inquisitive minds in the process. In addition to that, diversity of programs that would suit each client is being offered. It is basically meeting the needs of the people. They also offer special prices for families.

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