National Museum of Science, Technology and Space

National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa, Israel is an old Technion building located in the Balfour Street, Hadar,  It was established in 1984 and it was built with the help of architect Alexander Baerwald in 1912, a German Jewish architect immigrant who is best known for his works and designs in Haifa, Israel. It is a Museum housed in the historic Technion building that was designed as Technion-Israel of Technology, an institute of technology’s first home before it was transfer to its current campus.

The National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, its  innovative and fascinating center features over 400 hands on exhibits, there is a mirror room, Aviation room, dark room and etc. that helps us understand and explain various scientific phenomena. In 1923, the very known Albert Einstein visited the Technion wherein some of his astronomical devices are there as one of the presented exhibitions. He also planted one of the palm trees that can still be seen today in the courtyard. The museum display’s and explains the main scientific principles and technological attainments in Israel. Students who will visit the museum will find different scientific and technological labs, there are also study programs on all sorts of subjects like chemistry, physics, math and many others.

The National Museum of Science, Technology and Space is an ideal place to visit while in Haifa for those who desires to find out more about science, technology and space.

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